get home safe.

Designated Dawgs offers free & safe rides from downtown and campus by UGA students, for UGA students

91,000 rides home provided by UGA students
for UGA students in over 20 years of service!

Steps to Get Home Safe:

Step 1:
Download the Transloc app to your iPhone or Android before leaving for downtown

Step 2:
Enjoy your time out, whether you are downtown or on campus

Step 3:
Open the Transloc app and request a ride home from a UGA student

Step 4:
Meet at the pickup spot and look for the Designated Dawgs vehicle

Step 5:
Enjoy the ride from UGA students and arrive home safely, free of charge

Meet your Designated Dawgs

Designated Dawgs is a student-run organization that provides free, safe, and non-judgmental rides home from UGA student volunteers. All student volunteers undergo an orientation to review safety procedures, Transloc app operations, and general responsibilities. There are two UGA students in each car: the driver and the navigator, who are responsible for taking you home. The #1 priority of our Designated Dawgs is to get you home safely!

What is the Transloc App?

Designated Dawgs uses the Transloc App to allow students to request rides home from their location, whether on campus or in downtown Athens. This app lets students know and understand where their ride vehicle, driven by UGA students, is when Designated Dawgs is running, and what type of vehicle and unlocks several safety features.

Become a Designated Dawg!

Designated Dawgs could not run without the support of our student volunteers. We offer service hours and free dinner to all our volunteers. You can volunteer as an individual or gather all your friends to volunteer as a group.

Hours of Operation

Thursday: 11pm-2:15am
Friday: 11pm-2:15am

**We do not run the Friday night before home football games**

We are located in front of Wells Fargo on College Ave., next to the Fred Building and Sandbar. Come to this location to find a ride from fellow UGA students or select your own location using the Transloc App.