Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your driving questions about Designated Dawgs

Designated Dawgs

What is Designated Dawgs?

Designated Dawgs is a student-run organization that provides free, safe, and non-judgmental rides home from UGA student volunteers.

Who is the Designated Dawgs Chief Executive Director?

Our current Chief Executive Director is Taylor Talley!

What is the best way to contact Designated Dawgs?

You can contact us through our email at

What is Designated Dawgs’s mission?

The mission of Designated Dawgs is to make the University of Georgia and Athens community a safer place by being an aid to UGA and Athens-Clarke County Police Departments by preventing walking home, driving under the influence, and preventing crime overall.


Do I have to pay for my ride?

No! All rides are completely free.

Who is driving the car?

All cars are driven by UGA students who have gone through our orientation to review safety procedures, TransLoc app operations, and general responsibilities.

Who will be in the car with me?

There are two UGA students in each car: the driver and the navigator, who are responsible for taking you home.

Where do I meet with my Designated Dawgs driver?

We are located in front of Wells Fargo on College Ave., next to the Fred Building and Sandbar. Come to this location to find a ride from fellow UGA students or select your own location using the TransLoc App.

What hours does Designated Dawgs run?

We run from 10:45 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.


How do I sign up to volunteer?

Use this link to sign-up and try a night out!

When would I have to be available to volunteer?

You will be expected to volunteer from approximately 9:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.

Can anyone volunteer to drive?

To be a driver, you must be 21 or older and have a valid Driver’s License. Any age can volunteer in the other positions.

How will I know whether I’m volunteering or not?

An email or text will be sent to you the day you are volunteering giving you instructions on where to go, when to arrive, and other details.

Will I have to drive my own car?

No! We use rental cars.

What volunteer positions are available?

Our three volunteer positions are: driver, navigator, and dispatcher. You will be trained on how to do these positions when you come to volunteer.

Is dinner provided?

Yes! We will have pizza for all volunteers.

Can other student organizations or committees volunteer?

Yes! Your organization can sponsor one or two nights of operations. If your group is interested in sponsoring a night or two of operations, please email

TransLoc App

What is the TransLoc app?

TransLoc is a ride sharing app used by Designated Dawgs that allow students to request rides home from their location, whether on campus or in downtown Athens.

How to book a ride using TransLoc app?

Select on the Request Ride tab
Use the arrows to scroll through service offerings
Enter your destination address and then click Request Ride

How to find a nearby transit route?

Select the Search tab from the bottom menu of the app and toggle to Routes to search for a specific route near you
Select the Routes tab and tap on the compass icon to scan for a list of active routes in your area

How to cancel a TransLoc app ride after booking?

After you have requested a ride from the OnDemand tab, select the Options button in the top-left corner and select Cancel Ride Request
Navigate to the Me tab, tap the three-dot menu button on the applicable ride card, and select Cancel Ride Request

How to navigate to a specific address?

Select the Search tab from the bottom menu
Enter the address of your destination
If necessary, change your current location and departure time
Select an option from the results for directions

What’s available in the “Me” tab?

View and edit your favorite stops
Access agency alerts and updates your agency visibility settings
View your OnDemand trip history and rebook a trip or book a return trip
Provide app feedback to the TransLoc team

Is the TransLoc app free to download?