Order a Ride

Use Designated Dawgs for a free, safe, and nonjudgmental ride home for a stress-free night out

Download the Transloc App

Step By Step How To

Step 1:
Download the Transloc app to your iPhone or Android before leaving for downtown

Step 2:
Enjoy your time out, whether you are downtown or on campus

Step 3:
Open the Transloc app and request a ride home from a UGA student

Step 4:
Meet at the pickup spot and look for the designated dawgs vehicle

Step 5:
Enjoy the ride from UGA students and arrive home safely, free of charge

How to Use the TransLoc App

1. Download the TransLoc App

Visit the iOS App Store or Android Playstore to download the TransLoc app. After app downloads, allow notifications and allow all location access.

2. Create an Account

Click on “Settings” in the lower right-hand corner.
Sign up using UGA Email.
Click on “Create an Account”
Input your information and click “Register.”

3. Order a Ride

Click “OnDemand.”
Set Pickup and Dropoff locations. It’s recommended to input the address rather than clicking on a hub to ensure you get to the right location.
Click on “Confirm Details and Request Ride.”
Dispatchers will approve your ID, and you’re off!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a ride using Transloc app

Select on the Request Ride tab
Use the arrows to scroll through service offerings
Enter your destination address and then click Request Ride

How to find a nearby transit route

Select the Search tab from the bottom menu of the app and toggle to Routes to search for a specific route near you
Select the Routes tab and tap on the compass icon to scan for a list of active routes in your area

How to cancel a Transloc app ride after booking

After you have requested a ride from the OnDemand tab, select the Options button in the top-left corner and select Cancel Ride Request
Navigate to the Me tab, tap the three-dot menu button on the applicable ride card, and select Cancel Ride Request

How to navigate to a specific address

Select the Search tab from the bottom menu
Enter the address of your destination
If necessary, change your current location and departure time
Select an option from the results for directions

What’s available in the “Me” tab

View and edit your favorite stops
Access agency alerts and updates your agency visibility settings
View your OnDemand trip history and rebook a trip or book a return trip
Provide app feedback to the TransLoc team

Is the Transloc app free to download